Ellie Goulding – Explosions (Stay+ Remix)

Having a balloon modeller as a spokesperson for a Radio 1 interview, releasing 50” QR albums and creating Samantha Mumba bootlegs for a bet, Stay Positive (aka Matt Farthing) is wholeheartedly one of the best electronic music acts I’ve come across in years.

First discovered back in 2011 with his interpretation of Junior Boys’ Banana Ripple, I instantly fell in love with the dark, yet colourful atmospheric sounds, surrounded by enslaving beats and layered with haunting and demonic-style vocals. This package of elements combined has been executed greatly over the last two of his EPs (Arem and Fuck Christian AIDS), as well as his recent stand-alone releases, remixes and bootlegs. A number of which sees Farthing attempt to revive 90’s dance music with a twist creating intense and exciting results, leaving you with your heart in hand wanting more.

This latest remix from Stay Positive makes no exception. The reworking of Ellie Goulding’s Explosions has quickly evolved into possibly what could be his best and most successful work yet with the track having 70k of plays on Soundcloud in less than a month.

Joshua Evison