Currentmoodgirl – Letter L

Greta Edith, of Manchester’s ‘Pearl City’ (Sunday Best Records) and ‘Bernard and Edith’ (Bella Union), is charting a course through new terrain with her latest project, CURRENTMOODGIRL.

A true northern chanteuse; with her velvety-soft vocal melodies threading the needle between anchoring basslines and heavy, distorted beats, Edith creates a melancholy pop sound that is daringly expressive.

The Letter L”, is described as “A playground clap game that got out of hand” and is entirely self produced and played including instrumentation from flute, steel pan and Theremin. The music floats by the window in a landscape that is as genuinely heartfelt as it is alluring & hypersexual.

Accompanied by a Lynchian home music video: an alliterative fever dream of monochrome-on-red, a tangled & disheveled ballerina, dancing like no one is watching. Edith leads us down a primrose path in her study of life’s mercurial swings.

What do we get for our trouble and pain? Just a rented room in Whalley Range.” so sang Morrissey on Miserable Lie.

Hi Greta! How have you been influenced by your surroundings?

Manchester’s industrial past is beautiful to me. I can taste its copper blood, and I want to play in its gritty playground.

Why did you create CURRENTMOODGIRL?

I’m driven to make music/sounds that validate the intense ping pong emotions I feel, in my body, mind and heart! I want to know how guilt sounds… I want to make a song that sounds like how my skin feels when I’m flustered and in a rage… or a lullaby that replicates the after-shock of a panic attack.

How have you been coping during the pandemic?

At first I was maniacally making music – I had no money, surviving off cuppa soups, and my friends had to come to the rescue bringing me food and helping me pay rent, but I felt happy.

Now I’m on the dole and exhausted… I can’t get out of bed and the past month has been a real challenge to cope.

But I’m gonna do the dishes I swear!

You recently performed a live set on youtube, tell us about that?

I’ve been discovering new ways to play live so I’m enjoying the process and figuring out what I want to do… so its nice to have the brain space to think about that, at least when I’m not unwell.

How have your experiences in the music industry been like so far?

I have been making music for 10 years now and there’s no way to penetrate through unless you’re rich or know the right people. It doesn’t matter how good you are.. the “rock stars” and “icons” of today are youtube bloggers and influencers. You just have to forget all about that and enjoy the self discovery, and if anything good comes along, it’s a bonus.

What are your ambitions for the project?

I just want to keep branching out, working with different artists and evolving into a new Pokemon.

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