Black Rivers – Voyager 1

It’s fair to say Mancunian outfit Doves played a huge role in moving my musical tastes away from the mainstream and into the alternative. I still love early albums Lost Souls and The Last Broadcast as much as I did when I was younger, and later albums Some Cities and Kingdom of Rust solidified Doves status as one of the best bands around, containing songs of great maturity and beauty. Having all been on official hibernation for the past few years, it was a pleasure to once again hear the warm tones of Jimi Goodwin’s voice on his debut solo album Odludek, a touching and deeply personal record with complex arrangements and a panoramic landscape. Twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams have also returned with new project Black Rivers… and if the carefree euphoria of Voyager 1 is any indication of what’s to come, then I am very much excited. The song is a glistening and ambitious effort, displaying a wonderful sense of freedom and escapism… but wrapped up in that familiar and melancholy Doves DNA. Artist Alden Volney has created an animated treasure to accompany the track.

Phill Young