Acropolis Sound – Close Up

Regular Tru Luv readers might have noticed the lack of blog activity this past week… and with good reason, as I’ve been in Amsterdam taking a much needed break. Trying to wade through all the emails on my return was fairly overwhelming and I’ve admittedly been pretty brutal with the delete button. The thing is, I’ve come back with a reaffirmed mindset, I want Tru Luv to be a trusted independent voice, not a mouthpiece for the latest hype darlings with industry backing. I want people to know that when I write about someone… it’s because I love them. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Manchester duo Acropolis Sound .

Part of the Murkage Cartel, producers Kee and Bad Osiris have been steadily building momentum away from the spotlight, developing an assured sound with use of clever samples and experimental beats. Taken from the recently unveiled ‘Wreaths and Roses’ EP, Close Up is a beautiful modern house track with both ambient and dance-floor reference points. Stylish and accessible but never pandering to the mainstream, Acropolis Sound can’t be too far away from breaking into it, on their own terms.

Phill Young