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Douga – Kids Of Tomorrow


I’ve found myself increasingly intrigued in recent months by Douga, predominantly the output of Manchester’s Johnny Winbolt-Lewis, former member of kraut-psychonauts Plank!.

While not directly competing with his old band for outright volume or opposable riffs, JWL is now beginning to fully demonstrate his unique ability to smash together charming, chiming and occasionally unpredictable jams with clever lo-fi pop twists and understated arrangements.

I can’t help feeling that Kids Of Tomorrow, the opener to upcoming album The Silent Well more than anything represents a door opening and an era beginning. There’s a intriguing number of sides to the Douga shape – some of which are yet to be entirely revealed – and I’ll be punching the air with joy if they’ve been captured on this outing.

Mike Phillips

LVLS – It’s Only Love


LVLS (Loveless) don’t really belong to any emerging guitar scene in Manchester. Far removed from the lo-fi revolution documented on the Manchester Standards Compilation (Only Joking Records) or the mythology being created by those at SWAYS… it seems LVLS are determined to make a name for themselves on their own terms.

A 5 piece consisting of Jay Gibb (Vocals/Guitar), Paul James (Guitar), Emily Jane Conlon (Guitar/Vocals), Charlotte Hughes (Bass/Vocals) and Gaylord Knott (Drums), LVLS recently unveiled It’s Only Love a glorious pop song with escalating atmospherics. The male/female vocals dance playfully together in the finale, beautifully understated, a simmering tension waiting to explode.

2 For Joy EP available for download here:

Phill Young

The Underground Youth – The Perfect Enemy For God


The Underground Youth have released new album The Perfect Enemy For God on limited edition vinyl through Fuzz Club Records.

Criminally ignored by the Manchester scene; its been a slow process of self discovery for Craig Dyer, who started the project in his bedroom and has now recorded several albums there. I guess its indicative of the modern era that an artist can be largely unknown in their own city but find a growing and loyal fanbase online. The Underground Youth are a true DIY success who have figured out how to turn your musical influences into something new and exciting. This skillfully crafted record is certainly worthy of your attention.

‘The Perfect Enemy For God’ available to buy 300 copies only.

Phill Young

Skeleton Suite – Tomorrow’s Horoscope


With layered, fuzzy guitars, driving rhythms and chanted, delay soaked vocals, Manchester’s Skeleton Suite possess a distinctly hypnotic feel on their newest track, Tomorrow’s Horoscope

The guitar work possesses the pitch-shifting, melodic fuzz of shoegaze, grounding the noise-inspired elements of atonality. The repetitive lines from the drums and bass underpin the piece, allowing for further psychedelic guitar-based experimentation.

Alex McKenzie

The Underground Youth – Midnight Lust


The Underground Youth are one of the reasons I started this blog.. a Manchester band that is (for whatever weird reason) largely ignored by the music scene here.

I want that to change. You only need to delve a little into an ever-growing back catalogue to know we’re missing out. This band was SWAYS before SWAYS even existed.

Comprising of Craig Dyer, Olya Dyer and Thomas Josef E – The Underground Youth are clearly influenced by the likes of Jesus and The Mary Chain, Joy Division and Slowdive. A personal favourite is Midnight Lust, a dark brooding bitch of a number. I’m genuinely excited to share them with you.

Phill Young