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I’m very much afraid that words can do no justice to the artist I’m about to introduce, and any attempt to describe his blossoming creative output will merely be scraping at the surface of true beauty. JOSIAHWISE IS THE SERPENTWITHFEET is the real deal: his music unable to be defined, his vocals gifted both technically and emotionally.

Let’s take the frankly wonderful CURIOSITY OF OTHER MEN, full of vulnerability, sensuality and a dark narrative that challenges but never alienates the listener. And yet, in the hands of Copenhagen based producer CHLLNGR, he transforms himself into a modern (and highly marketable) r’n’b artist, with ambitions to take you from the dancefloor into your bedroom. Let me be quite clear; Brooklyn’s Josiah Wise is going to become a star, it’s just a question of when.

Phill Young

Billy Lloyd – Steam


“I’m running out of steam, trying to destroy my body”

Its not often I discover an artist that really speaks to me, or makes me feel like we’ve been through similar experiences. Leeds based electronica artist Billy Lloyd has achieved this with just a couple of songs. In many respects he shares much in common with Perfect Genius; lyrically he’s brave and very revealing about his personal life, but it’s also beautifully understated. Steam is a tender composition that leaves you emotionally invested in him.

Normal is a song that deals with sexuality, gender and acceptance. That he makes it so reflective and self aware, reveals an artist of great promise and insight. He’s the kind of artist that makes prediction lists so utterly repellent to me, as most would rather hedge their bets on industry marketed acts. Me. I’d prefer to champion a Billy Lloyd.

Phill Young

Shivum Sharma – Flicker


London teenager Shivum Sharma has been receiving plenty of attention recently… and for once it’s justified. With a vocal ability that belies his age, bringing to mind Perfume Genius and Antony Hegarty, the power comes from his expression, tone and intimacy. The music mirrors this, subtle in its beauty and perfectly formed. Flicker, a bedroom recording, is the kind of song an artist could spend years trying to find. I get the impression this song found him.

Phill Young