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Flo Fairweather – The Bell Jar


“To make that fire start”

One of my most exciting discoveries this year is 20 year old South Londoner Florence Fairweather. From the moment her voice emerged on The Bell Jar my heart was rendered with an overwhelming sense of relief – this is an artist I can understand and respond to.

The Bell Jar’s haunting instrumentation sleepily breaks you down and pulls you apart – a documentation of tension and desire, uncloaked and revealed.

Phill Young

Amygdala – Battery


There’s something very mysterious about the lo-fi electronic songsmithery of Milla aka Amygdala. Perhaps it’s the lack of any discernable biography, maybe the music itself. Certainly, tracks like Battery are beautifully constructed – like great modern architecture – yet quirky enough to leave an indelible print upon your soul. And unlike so many more-serious-than-thou electronic hipsters, there’s a cutting sense of humour at play too; “I wanted to feel your energy / but I’ve just licked a battery”, like a great lost Mark E Smith lyric but with an added dose of self-deprecation for good measure.

In Amygdala’s creations there are many similarities to those of Liverpool psych-folksters Stealing Sheep, not least the joyous approach to harmony, sparse arrangements and affinity for uncomplicated synth sounds. It’s wickedly engaging and I sincerely hope we get to hear more.

Mike Phillips

Rea Snape – Speed of Light


Its 2am.. I’m in bed eating blackberries and stumbling around soundcloud looking for something magical. Often these searches end with me falling asleep in awkward positions, this one has ended with the stunning voice of London’s Rea Snape.

Without wishing to put too much pressure on such a young artist, I’m pretty convinced it won’t be long before Snape strikes gold. The Speed Of Light is her strongest self penned work, beautifully arranged with vocal tones reminiscent of Adele… and that’s a huge compliment by the way.

Honestly, just listen. She’s 15. Incredible.

Phill Young

Avec Sans – Hold On


The distinct vocal of Alice Fox is one that should be recognisable to many in Manchester, and without delving too much into our history, Avec Sans are a band very close to my heart. Our loss however was London’s gain, and this electronic duo have quickly built a reputation for producing effortlessly cool pop music that is not only accessible but beyond fucking brilliant.

So, its fair to say I was pretty damn excited to finally see the debut video for Hold On, directed by Sing J Lee, who has previously worked with my beloved PINS. Imagine The Postal Service meets Chvrches and you might be getting close to understanding just how good Avec Sans are… its timeless and classic, and as easy to dance to as it is to fall in love with.

Phill Young

Brtsh Knights – Hazed


South London based artist Brtsh Knights weave dreamy electronics around RnB melodies and subtle dub step beats to create a flawless fusion of RnB dance and electronic chill wave. As smooth and smokey as the title implies, ‘Hazed’ is the debut double A-side (with ‘If I Was To’) released June 10th on Technicolour Records.

A sprinkling of electro sampling, blips, clicks and hypnotic glowing samples complement these sleek RnB vocals and crunchy down tempo dance beats. ‘Hazed’ has an ethereal subtlety to its mix that takes down and transforms the track from full on clubbing tune to enchanting and atmospheric chillwave fusion.

Sarah Rayner

c0rrid0rs – étrangé


c0rrid0rs is a promising new producer currently residing in Dalston, but having spent his early years aimlessly wandering around Manchester. I know from experience that wandering around without purpose usually leads you to finding doors you weren’t looking for – I’m glad I opened this one.

Influenced by the likes of John Talabot, Baths and the most obvious reference point – Holy Other, étrangé is a triumph, with close attention paid to the texture of each sound, its a beautifully crafted piece that buries itself deep into your soul.

His other tracks are certainly worth investigation (XFLZ in particular) and these little experiments are clearly leading to a more focused realisation – c0rrid0rs could be about to create something truly special.

Phill Young