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Real Lies – North Circular (Local Hero Remix)

real lies

Earlier this year, London’s Real Lies dropped the house influenced North Circular – a song which beautifully captured the contradictory mood of late night city life, with it’s clear sense of possibility… but also a deep unwavering loneliness. There is a rich, almost romantic lyricism to be found here, delivered in such evocative fashion that you can’t help feeling you are there with them, looking back but always moving forwards. Interestingly Local Hero produced the original version of North Circular, so this remix unveiled today, is actually a self-remix.

Real Lies play The Eagle Inn (Salford) this Tuesday. 8.30pm
Buy Tickets here.

Phill Young

Slows Down – The Way Down Leering


I’m finding it difficult to express just how much I love The Way Down Leering, recently revealed by London musician Slows Down. Heavy in both ideas and instrumentation, this ambitious piece grows patiently and hypnotically, providing moments of minimalist beauty before turning into something far bigger.

The individual work of Alexander Hawthorne, you find at the heart of it, an emotional and melancholy vocal that at times feels close to giving up. Referencing both the dark psychedelica of Spiritualized and the experimental gloom of Swans, The Way Down Leering contains a sea of noise, and you should dive right in.

Phill Young

Elephant – Statuesque


London based Lo-Fi duo Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck make sophisticated and seductive lounge pop. Charming and instantly likeable, Elephant‘s sound is a catchy and intuitive monochrome pastiche of French new wave and disco influences; all studied cool, their music packs a stylish, cinematic punch.

It’s impossible not to be smitten with Statuesque‘s lyrically wholesome nonchalance. Rivas has a wonderfully sweet and effortless vocal delivery, each dreamy phrase cascades through a wash of Hammond style organs and the steady, soulful pulse of the rhythm section. If you’re a fan of the likes of Nouvelle Vague and Charlotte Gainsbourg you’ll be enamoured with Elephant.

Debut album Sky Swimming available from

Paul Baird

Flo Fairweather – Walls


“Your faith collapses in love again”

London’s Flo Fairweather is one of a handful of artists that I’ve found myself truly devoted to this year. With each new track she reveals, I see a growing confidence in her ideas. Heartbreakingly beautiful vocals combine seductively with the minimal and atmospheric electronica.

Walls is a revelation: closing in on 6 minutes long, its echoing beats and bleeps build patiently around that voice… at the centre of everything. Like the moon glowing in a cold night sky.

I feel a very real, unexplainable connection with Flo – I want others to feel the same way.

Phill Young

Younghusband – Dromes


From bands to festivals, psych is in vogue. So much so that the bandwagon’s already crammed tight with new artists seeking recognition and acceptance. But London based psych-pop quartet Younghusband are exciting and easy to embrace.

On the title track from their debut album Dromes, Euan Hinshelwood’s repetitive and infectious brand of songwriting hooks you in from the get go. Feverish guitars collide with a punchy bass line and some minimalist, tight and effective drumming. Produced by Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter/Silver Jews), Hinshelwood’s voice comes over distinctive and fuzzy-sweet – all dressed up in west coast style harmonies. Chords and melodies churn and crash together in kaleidoscopic waves, peaking like an acid trip – looping and swelling in pulsing repetition, heightening the sonic experience. It’s an addictive formula. All dynamic tension and eventually a sense of release by way of a quirky Syd Barrett-esque psych-noise freak out. When this musical genre is no longer flavour of the month, Dromes will still stand out for being really fucking good.

Paul Baird

Shivum Sharma – Flicker


London teenager Shivum Sharma has been receiving plenty of attention recently… and for once it’s justified. With a vocal ability that belies his age, bringing to mind Perfume Genius and Antony Hegarty, the power comes from his expression, tone and intimacy. The music mirrors this, subtle in its beauty and perfectly formed. Flicker, a bedroom recording, is the kind of song an artist could spend years trying to find. I get the impression this song found him.

Phill Young