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PLAYACTING – Dance Steps


It’s always a beautiful thing when an artist starts to realise his or her own potential, watching them slowly make the transition from a spark of an idea to fully formed musical wonder.

Manchester’s Evan Wilson has been making tiny steps these last few months with PLAYACTING; his ideas about song form and creation have always been built around a sense of playfulness, but with new track Dance Steps he’s made one giant leap, retaining the pure joy and innocence of his previous work but managing to turn it into something more substantial…. something more real.

PLAYACTING support Kiran Leonard tonight at Gullivers. Buy tickets here:

Phill Young



I can’t really tell you much about RHEYA beyond the fact he’s Swedish and belongs to the same YLAWAV movement that YOUTH CULT do.

RHEYA makes sorrowful, introverted electronica with layers of synthetic sound glistening beneath a crooning vocal. This kind of mournful pop has certainly remained in fashion the last few years, with records from Deptford Goth and Active Child both coming to mind when listening to FYO. Stylistically it shares the same ghosted production but with an indiepop twist that makes it more danceable… more like The Radio Dept. And that can only be a good thing right?

Phill Young

Horsebeach – What Problem?


Horsebeach are a new Manchester band with echoes of *takes deep breath* The Smiths
There.. I said it. But its pretty clear they are also influenced by the surf-pop scene currently so in vogue round these parts. If they added a little more indie-disco spirit they could well be pushing into Craft Spells territory… now that I could get behind.

This is a band in development – their online presentation is amateurish, a challenge any modern band must get to grips with – and I’m not sure I could ever really LOVE a band called Horsebeach. I could, however, love a band that makes songs like What Problem? which is utterly charming, lyrically deft, with a melody to die for. Listen here:

She said “How could I fake my own death?”
I said “My love, how could you die if you’ve never lived”

She said I was wrong and she’s probably right, she said I was wrong.

I apologise for I can no longer pay my way round here.
I apologise for anything i might say from here on out.

Patience is a trait that appeals to me.
It’s a mind that’s so distracted and so quick to hide.
You could tell me why, but you won’t say. How long now?

I apologise for I can no longer pay my way round here.
I apologise for anything i might say from here on out.

I apologise, I apologise, I apologise FOR NOTHING

Phill Young