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Loftt – We’ll Be There


There is a certain satisfaction in knowing Manchester based producer Loftt is eventually going to be discovered… because this kind of talent can’t stay hidden locally for too much longer. Latest track We’ll Be There carries an unmistakable sense of motion; disembodied and yet strangely tender vocal samples call out amongst the multi-layered and darkly atmospheric sounds. Aided by the addition of Claire Northey’s intricate string work, Loftt has managed to create an expansive piece of late night electronica.

Phill Young

Boothroyd – NYC


The Tri Angle label (ran in Brooklyn by British expatriate Robin Carolan) has certainly established itself this past couple of years, having built up a formidable roster of talent that includes Holy Other, Forest Swords, The Haxan Cloak and Evian Christ. As an overall vision it works beautifully: a collection of dark atonal noises, atmospheric textures and songs that are habitually sampled, slowed down and transformed… each artist is distinct in their sound and ideas, but share a mutual love for electronic experimentation.

Having recently announced ‘Idle Hours’, the debut EP from Manchester’s 21 year producer Boothroyd, my ears were just about ready for another Tri Angle fix. Lead track NYC doesn’t disappoint, populated by discordant sonic clouds and pulsating strangulated beats, but always retaining a certain ambience and melody; Boothroyd has found his perfect home.

‘Idle Hours’ is out Sept 29th digitally and on limited edition 12″ which comes with a poster exclusively designed by David Rudnick.

Phill Young

Loftt – Pieces / Lights


I started Tru Luv because I was incredibly bored of seeing certain music websites regurgitate the same artists across their pages – in bed with PR companies, not looking to challenge or excite. Inspired by my favourite bloggers, I wanted my voice to be independent of commercial needs, for my readers to really engage with the music I write about. My latest discovery is Loftt; the work of promising new Manchester producer Jake Barrow.

Pieces is a stunning electronica composition, with nods to the textured sensuality of Holy Other. Featuring Shinies Ric Stringer on guitar, I really can’t explain why no-one else has picked up on this yet. Lights is equally as beautiful, with echoes of Jon Hopkins Immunity… beats flicker and collide towards a dreamlike conclusion. Having hidden patiently in the shadows for the past few months, it feels like the right time for him to step out into the light.

Phill Young