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LUH – Unites


The last time I saw Ellery James Roberts, we were colliding into each other at a Kult Country gig down at the SWAYS Bunker. I broke my wrist that night, and I really didn’t have a care in the world. I honestly can’t remember feeling like that since… Manchester has been missing a spark, a fire… and Ellery’s return could not have been better timed. Now releasing under the name LUH (Lost Under Heaven), Unites feels like a natural progression from his debut solo material Kerou’s Lament. There is something very impassioned, conflicted within his soul and you can hear the vulnerability in that distinctive gravelly voice. Guitar melodies playfully repeat themselves, but always moving forward together, tiny musical collisions with an explosive ending.

Phill Young

Dream Lovers – Go, Gauguin, Go

Paul_Gauguin_-_-In_the_waves-_or_-Ondine-_-_1889 (1)

It’s getting pretty hard to keep track of post-LYF endeavours. Tom McClung is carving out a solo career as Francis Lung. Joe Manning has been breaking hearts as part of alt-pop venture Ménage à Trois, teased us with the mysterious Rainbow Torches… and now unveils latest project Dream Lovers with Evans Kati. Keeping up? Don’t forget McClung, Manning and Kati formed nu-disco group Los Porcos with FAMY too. Ellery James Roberts for the time being remains silent, his only statement being the beautiful and grandiose ‘Kerou’s Lament’, leaving us wanting more.

It’s certainly remarkable how all four former WU LYF members are creatively pushing themselves to new heights. Dream Lovers début composition Go, Gauguin, Go is yet another example of just how talented they are… a swaying, instrumental jam that takes you to another place, crossing a melancholy ocean into a dream.

Buy Go, Gauguin, Go on Limited Edition Cassette, released via Ocean Records here:

Phill Young

Kult Country – Amongst The Dead Forever


I made a promise to myself when I started TRU LUV to avoid being one of those bloggers that only posts about a track if its a day or so old. Its a boring way to approach sharing new music as you get caught up in the race to be “first” on something instead of writing about what you love.

I mean take this video for Kult Country’s Amongst The Dead Forever, that emerged online without much fanfare back in May. A glorious collaboration with Egyptian Hip Hop’s Nick Delap, who is earning a reputation for his stunning visuals, I can’t help but feel like we’ve all missed out. The video intelligently captures through a series of eye shots, a sense of singer Yousif Al-Karaghouli’s fears, paranoia and anger.

The track itself was released on 7″ to great acclaim along with Slowburn on SWAYS. A darkly ambitious slice of psychedelica, featuring guest vocals from Ellery James Roberts.

Photograph by Steve Garside
Words by Phill Young