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drop it from the heavens

If I’m honest, this week has been difficult; Sounds From The Other City was a huge success for all at Tru Luv and it’s been hard trying to refocus. One act that played the festival to great acclaim last year is Liverpool/Manchester based G R E A T W A V E S. Having seemingly been in hibernation these past few months, David Lacy’s dreampop project finally emerged with a beautiful new track in YOU. The production is cleaner this time round, more refined. It feels like the sun rising at the start of a new day, warmth scattered across the sky.

Phill Young

Patterns – This Haze


I took a *well deserved* holiday last week and annoyingly managed to miss the reveal of This Haze by Manchester’s Patterns. I’m as emotionally connected to Patterns as you can be, having watched them develop over the years into a band with identity, ideas and vastly improved songcraft. Its always felt to me that Manchester nurtures artists in a way that London never could, allowing them the freedom to exist without being surrounding in industry bullshit. Patterns now have a collection of songs to rival any band, with influences ranging from Animal Collective to the anthemic drone pop of Deerhunter, displayed so beautifully in Blood.

This Haze is more reflective than we’ve heard before, more refined in its intimacy. Ciaran McAuley’s vocals breaking through a shimmering kaleidoscopic skyline. Its been a long wait for debut album ‘Waking Lines’… and I’m kinda pleased about that. It means they’ve managed to traverse the hype and actually create something they are proud of, so kudos to Melodic for being patient. I know it won’t be anything other than a triumph.

Released 6th January 2014
Pre-Order here:

Phill Young

Wool – Bulletin Air


I found WOOL via Zach Oden, former guitarist with Annuals. I should probably explain that Annuals were a definitive band in my musical timeline: When I first moved to Manchester I was a small town boy obsessed with Joy Division and whose only real access to music was HMV and NME. Now living in an environment with Piccadilly Records on my doorstep, music venues down every road, and access to the internet at home (myspace!) the discovery of new music was an everyday adventure. Comparable to early Arcade Fire, Annuals played Night & Day on a tour promoting debut album Be He Me and I went away transfixed with wonder.

WOOL is the vision of Raleigh (North Carolina) songwriter Troy Brian Hancock and along with the aforementioned Oden, bassist/keyboardist Johnny Hobbs and drummer Raymond Finn, they have created a full bodied sound that balances the playful vocal elements of dream-pop with the patient build of a post-rock outfit. Bulletin Air is beautifully crafted arrangement that brings to mind Explosions In The Sky fronted by Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum. Its quite simply one of the best songs I’ve heard all year, with its finale soaring like a bird through a sun kissed sky.

Phill Young

Silhouette Society – Obsessions For Saving Time


Who are Silhouette Society? Memphis duo Todd Chappell and Tiffany Harmon have arrived out of seemingly nowhere with Obsessions For Saving Time, the opener to their self-titled debut EP, and for all their mystery it is just a little bit wonderful.

It shares similar aesthetics to the La Mer track we featured earlier this year; louche, minimal and delicate dream-pop. I say louche, perhaps that’s slightly unfair – it’s beautifully paced and very carefully arranged, sounds and words subsequently tugging at heartstrings all the way. Hopefully Silhoette Society aren’t destined to remain in the shadows for too much longer.

Mike Phillips

La Mer Band – Plastique


On their newest track “Plastique”, La Mer Band conjure a delicate slice of dream-pop which sounds very much like the fading light of a day at the seaside might look. It’s all chorused guitars and echoed vocals decorated by warm candescent combo organ arpeggios, twinkling like an ice cream that has been melted by the early evening sun before being captured in the grip of its low orange glow. Like perhaps a more stylised Galaxie 500 or even Hong Kong In The 60s as photographed by the strangest old Lomo camera.

While it is still early days for the mysterious duo from Silverlake California, they are clearly beginning to solidify some of the early promise of their previous recordings into something charmingly beautiful.

Mike Phillips