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Yerosha Sound – New Moon


I swear, London’s Yerosha Sound may have dropped one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard all year. The production is clever, minimal and elegant – an emotive tapestry of sounds and textures that build slowly to showcase her soulful controlled vocals. If MKS (the original Sugababes) worked with Gold Panda you might get something like New Moon… honestly I’d be pretty amazed if A&R’s weren’t already sending her adoration. I will be.

Phill Young

Clare Maguire – Paper Thin

claire maguire

Although Clare Maguire is already a commercial and critical success, I really wanted to share recently uploaded track Paper Thin because my excitement levels are reaching fever pitch in anticipation of a new release. A truly beautiful arrangement, held together by Maguire’s controlled vocals, Paper Thin slowly builds towards an unexpected and heart-stopping ending.

If you don’t fall in love now, you never will.

Phill Young