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Gangly – Fuck With Someone Else


Reykjavík’s Gangly have burst mysteriously into existence with their debut track Fuck With Someone Else, a bewilderingly beautiful and fully formed vision. Of course, the internet is getting VERY excited… but one listen is all it took for me to understand why. Gangly have created an immersive electronic landscape, one that glistens in both darkness and light. It feels like the female/male vocals are dancing with each other, a heart-breaking tension found in the space between them.

Phill Young

Loftt – Pieces / Lights


I started Tru Luv because I was incredibly bored of seeing certain music websites regurgitate the same artists across their pages – in bed with PR companies, not looking to challenge or excite. Inspired by my favourite bloggers, I wanted my voice to be independent of commercial needs, for my readers to really engage with the music I write about. My latest discovery is Loftt; the work of promising new Manchester producer Jake Barrow.

Pieces is a stunning electronica composition, with nods to the textured sensuality of Holy Other. Featuring Shinies Ric Stringer on guitar, I really can’t explain why no-one else has picked up on this yet. Lights is equally as beautiful, with echoes of Jon Hopkins Immunity… beats flicker and collide towards a dreamlike conclusion. Having hidden patiently in the shadows for the past few months, it feels like the right time for him to step out into the light.

Phill Young